The Joy Foundation can always use good volunteers, willing to help with our various activities.  Following is a list of how you can help.

Chalk Festival

This is the largest activity of the year, and we can always use help, whether you are willing to donate a few hours during the chalk festival or want to start helping now as we prepare for the activity.

During the Chalk Art Festival

  • On-site volunteers to help the artists set up

The Artists start their drawing.  Volunteers are needed to help the artists get set up, know their location to begin their chalk art, assist them with any questions they may have.

  • On-site volunteers to help setup and tear down the stage.

During the festival, local musicians will be playing.  We need voolunteers help musicians setup the musical equipment, microphones and sound equipment.

  • On-site volunteers during the Art Festival

We need at least 2 volunteers at the festival for the entire length of the festival.   People visiting the festival always have questions so volunteers are needed to man a booth, hand out a map displaying the location of different artists chalk art, and answer any questions.  

Mic Night

  • Setup – We need individuals willing to help setup the stage for the youth that will be performing.
  • Tear Down – Tearing down the stage, after the show, is just as important as setup . If you can help us around 10pm, we’d really appreciate your help.
  • Taking Pictures – We like to post images of our performers on facebook after the show.  If you can take great pictures, we’d appreciate your help.

Other Activities

  • TBD 

Our Gallery

Visit our Gallery to see local talent by both youth and adults.   


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