Joy Foundation – What We Do

The Joy Foundation is a registered non-profit charity that was formed over 10 years ago.  Members of the foundation work to help local youth to discover talents, develop confidence and overcome adversity through the arts.

Mic Night

The Joy Foundation sponsors a Mic Night specifically designed for youth with a desire to perform.  This activity gives the youth an opportunity to share their musical talents with others in a safe and caring environment.

Please join our Bountiful-Mic-Night facebook page to join in the discussion about our Open Mic Night.  Or view images from our Mic Night Gallery gallery.



Mic Night Gallery

Magic On the Sidewalk

Magic on the Sidewalk is an annual event conducted on Main Street in Bountiful, Utah.  Artists of all ages come to share their talents, creating chalk art drawings along the streets of Bountiful.

Visit our gallery to view the amazing artwork seen on our streets over the years.

Chalk Art Gallery

Youth Facility Arts

The main purpose of the Joy Foundation is to help youth, especially those who may not have access to the arts through other means.  Youth Facilities are of particular interest, since the arts are not available in the Youth Facility school systems.

Follow the link below to see what types of activities the Joy Foundation has participated in,  the amazing results we have experienced and to view some of the student’s work.

The Arts


Our Gallery

Visit our Gallery to see local talent by both youth and adults.   


Our Calendar